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Eaton Relay

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A&S Automation Co., Ltd supplies all types of Eaton Relay:

Eaton Timing Relays

Eaton General Purpose Relays

Eaton NEMA Relays

Eaton Alternating Relays D85 Series

Eaton Sensing and Monitoring Relays

Eaton EASY Intelligent Relays

Eaton Monitoring Relays

Eaton Motor Protection Relays  

Eaton Terminal Block Relays XR Series

Eaton Safety Relays

Eaton Solid State Relays

All the relay brands A&S supply:

Panasonic Relay, Omron Relay, Bosch Relay, ABB Relay, Siemens Relay , Tyco Relay, Allen Bradley Relay, Carlo Relay, Eaton Relay, Schneider Relay, FUJI Relay, Mitsubishi Relay, Song Chuan Relay, IDEC Relay,

Teledyne Relay , Massuse Relay, SCHRACK Relay, Magnecraft Relay, COTO Relay, Honeywell Relay, Zettler Relay, Hella Relay, Ford Relay, TACO Relay, AGASTAT Relay, Weidmuller Relay, Hamlin Relay, DAYTON Relay, Clare Relay, Gruner Relay, Elesta Relay, Pilz Relay, Dold Relay, Fujitsu Relay, Mercedes Relay, urakool Relay, Westinghouse Relay, Izumi Relay, KLIXON Relay, WAGO Relay, GE Relay, etc.

All the relay types A&S supply:

General Purpose Relay, Signal Relay, Electromagnetic Relay, Solid-State Relay, Thermal Relay, Reed Relay, Timing Relay, High Frequency Relay, Polaried Relay, Optical Relay, Temperature Relay

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