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A&S Automation Co., Ltd supplies all types of OMRON Encoder:

OMRON Absolute encoder

OMRON Incremental encoder

All the encoder brands A&S supply:

SICK Encoder, Turck Encoder, P+F Encoder, Eltra Encoder, Tekel Encoder, Omron Encoder, Tamagawa Encoder, Koyo Encoder, Autonics Encoder, Delta Encoder, Elco Encoder, SIEMENS Encoder, FANUC Encoder, BANNER Encoder, BEI Encoder, Heidenhain Encoder, Baumer Encoder, T+R Encoder, Kubler Encoder, Hengstler Encoder, Schneider Encoder

Copal Encoder, MTL Encoder, Sumtak Encoder, LTN litton Encoder, Nemicon Encoder, Dynapar Encoder, Agilent Encoder, Renco Encoder, Avtron Encoder, Danaher Encoder, Leine Linde Encoder, Scancon Encoder, Elcis Encoder, Lika Encoder, Euchner Encoder, TWK Encoder, Fraba Encoder, Lenord Encoder, Siko Encoder, Meyer Encoder, Stegmann Encoder,  Hohner Encoder, etc.

All the encoder brands A&S supply:

Absolute Encoder, Incremental Encoder, Rotary Encoder, Linear Encoder, Bearingless Encoders, Draw-Wire Encoders

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